Country House Potager

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This garden occupies a part of the clients’ garden that measures approximately 25m x 15m. Our clients wanted to have an area of garden dedicated to growing flowers for cutting, some vegetables , fruits and herbs, all well away from footballs being kicked around elsewhere!

We designed a garden that encompasses all of our clients’ needs in the style of a beautiful, old French style formal Potager. Each area of the Potager is sub-divided by box hedging and a central water feature joins all the surrounding paths which enable each section of the Potager to be easily accessed. Year round beauty and produce ensure that this garden feels very much lived in and cherished. In addition to the Potager we created a large York Stone terrace with steps leading down to the orangery and beautiful iron and stone furniture surrounded by cluster of Cretan pots filled with seasonal planting.

At the front of the house a newly shaped shingle drive was created and edged in reclaimed granite sets. Either side of the picturesque porch large bay trees are planted in Cretan pots. The borders to either side of the porch as planted with box balls and Queen of the Night tulips and Alliums.